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"The young and slightly dim-witted, yet sweet, Malcolm is played by Pat Moran.These three perform the morbidly hysterical number “Big-Ass Rock” to perfection, sure to leave you cringe-laughing. Moran’s later performance of “You Walk With Me” showcases his truly fantastic vocals."

     - Kristen Weyer for The Theatre Guide


"Pat Moran holds his own against Land’s Norma. His spiraling ascent and descent from a slightly jaded, debt-ridden screenwriter on the run from debt collectors to “a kept man” who ultimately shatters the mind and the life of his keeper is well-played and believable; he has both the voice and the presence to play against Land’s larger than life Norma."     

     - Lisa Jarisch for Berkshire on Stage


"He is rather like a classic circus ringmaster who snaps a whip and sets up an act, sometimes becoming that act, sometimes executing an act that affects the mental state of the other principals. Played by Pat Moran, his entire bearing is self-consuming and the final images of him are devastating."     

     - J. Peter Bergman for Berkshire Bright Focus

"Pat Moran (as Steve Kodaly) is equal parts charm and cad. As with Sipos, you may know a Kodaly. Moran's version is an amoral hedonist seeking lust but not love."

     - Bill Wheeler for Theater Colorado Springs

"Pat Moran is a wonderful, sexy Billy Flynn, less offensive than many others in the role, but still exuding all the snake-oil charm of a Chicago attorney. "     

     - J. Peter Bergman for Berkshire Bright Focus

"Pat Moran dances, sings, coerces and schemes his way through the role with all the grace and polish of a celebrated heel."     

     - CB Wismar for TriCorner News

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