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Module 1: An Introduction to
The 4 Categories of Meditation

Present Moment Awareness: Fully immerse in the now without judgement or the necessity to take immediate action. Techniques may include Anapana Breathing, Zen Breath, and Body Scan. Train the mind to respond versus react.

Calm Focus: Introducing or revisiting positive ideas that create or strengthen a new neural pathway. Techniques may include loving kindness, visualizing, and intention setting that aim to manifest a desired outcome. 

Energized Body + Mind: Through the lens of this category, energy and meditation are thought of as a sensation of power that informs our perception. Activate the breath in a way that clears blockages. Access the flow state of being.

Self Discovery: With the use of a universal mantra, we'll charm the mind into the 4th state of consciousness. Allow the mind to move beyond the superficial layers of the self. Over time, you expand the sense of Self and the true nature of identity.

                          Investment: $200, four 45min sessions

Module 2: Vedic Meditation

Dive deeper within the category of Self Discovery meditation. Receive a personal mantra specifically chosen for you. Learn an effortless form of meditation to relieve deeply rooted stress from the body. Commit to a self sufficient and Self sustaining practice. No apps, no recordings, just you and your mantra. What is a mantra? From an Eastern perspective, mantra translates as "mind vehicle." Personal mantras are primal sounds that have no intended meaning. They serve as a mechanism that allows you to reach quieter and expanded states of consciousness over time. Join a community of other like-minded meditators and stay connected through monthly group offerings.  

                           Investment: $600, four 90min sessions

Module 3: Refining a Daily Practice

Mind Type Assessment: Learn more about the mechanics of stress release. Develop a strong understanding on the inner workings of your individual psyche and physiology. We'll begin to explore the formula of meditation that will lead you towards optimal wellness by introducing incremental changes over time.

Principles of Ayurveda: An introduction to fundamental ideas from the most ancient form of medicine. As we cultivate a personal wellness routine to aid us in the release of our stress, we'll discuss how to integrate these concepts with the demands of our modern world in order to promote longevity, nourishment, and fulfillment. 

Mind + Body Integration: Begin to synchronize the principles of meditation to fully support the expansion of consciousness. Develop a relationship with the energetic body and come into contact with the more subtle realms of perception. Establish an unshakable and resilient sense of balance within.

Cosmic Inclusion: Awaken to the possibility of co-creating with Nature. As we continue to strengthen the nervous system, we increase our capacity to remain in the present moment. We begin to ground ourselves in a greater sense of Being; allowing us to access our innate creativity with more ease. 

                           Investment: $200, four 45min sessions

Module 4: Spiritual Growth 

This is a self-paced personal development program that requires you to demonstrate consistency in your practice over an extended period of time. This course culminates with an integration of text analysis, gaining perspective on direct experience, and identifying blocks that are inhibiting us from accessing our full potential. This final module may include instruction in the integration of Asana, advanced techniques, and an introduction to the Yoga Sutras.

                           Investment: $1000, eight 45min sessions


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