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We may come up with a million reasons for why we “can’t” meditate or feel as though we are “bad” at meditation but the Truth is: if we can think a thought, we can meditate. 

The recommendation is similar to brushing our teeth; something we do each day to clean the gunk that builds up over time. The best kind of meditation is the kind that we allow ourselves to practice consistently.

When we commit to a practice, we may notice incremental changes in the refinement our perception, the complex layers of our emotional design, and the underlying oneness that connects each of us.


Mountain Path

With some simple technique and support from a certified instructor; building a practice may come with ease and perhaps enjoyment.


Exploring different genres of meditation, crafting routines that jive with our mind types, and providing a safe space for shared experience is what lights me up.

I am by no means re-inventing the wheel. I recognize the teachers who have shaped my understanding of meditation. I acknowledge the uniqueness of each experience that has led us to this moment and I look forward to discovering what it is that lights you up.  


Patrick R. Moran 

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